Schwarzkopf BlondMe Premium Care Developer

Schwarzkopf - blondme Premium Care Developer 9% 30Vol

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The BLONDME Lightener and Colour range provide the high performance needed to create personalized blonde looks. It is specially formulated to partner BLONDME bleach and colour shades. What it does: Premium Care Developer offer up to 9 levels of lift while the ready-to-use toners and white blending shades give endless creative potential for blonde hair. Its an oil developer formula that maintains hair's natural moisture to ensure your blondes have brilliant shine and a wonderfully soft feel to their hair.

- Offers maximum bleaching (not for root application).
Premium hair developer.
Oil-in formula.
Maintains the hair's natural moisture balance.
Smooths the hair surface.

Mix the developer with the BlondMe Bond Enforcing Powder using proper ratio.
Section the hair.
Apply on small section of hair at a time.
Leave out 1.5 centimeters from the scalp.
Use plenty of product to insure full saturation.
Rinse thoroughly.
Shampoo with BLONDME Keratin Restore Bonding Shampoo.
Apply toner as desired.