Biotop hydrates Scalp treatment

Biotop - 02 ECO Dandruff Treat 10X11ML

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Target harmful dandruff-causing fungi with this gentle yet highly-concentrated treatment, which includes an antibacterial agent and multivitamin complex for optimal performance.

- Calms and hydrates the scalp.
An antibacterial agent helps treat dandruff.
Prevents dry scalp that can lead to flaky skin.
Probiotic moisturizer helps boost scalp health.

How to use
After washing with the Eco Dandruff Shampoo, dispense one ampoule of BIOTOP PROFESSIONAL 02 Eco Dandruff Treatment into hand.
Lather and massage into towel-dried hair, only on scalp.
Leave in on the scalp.
Do not rinse.
Tip: For best results, use once a week for 3 months